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FORWARD FW-108N: 15-Inch Manual Vacuum Separator (Built-in Dual Pumps)

FORWARD FW-108N: 15-Inch Manual Vacuum Separator (Built-in Dual Pumps)

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The FORWARD FW-108N is a powerful and user-friendly manual vacuum separator designed for efficient screen separation in phone repairs. This 15-inch model features a built-in dual pump system for strong and reliable suction, making it ideal for tackling various phone models.

Key Features:
  • 15-Inch Heating Plate: Accommodates a wide range of phone sizes.
  • Built-in Dual Pumps: Delivers strong and consistent suction for effective separation.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: Allows for precise temperature adjustment for different repairs (may include memory function for frequently used settings).
  • 2 PCT Heaters: Ensure even heat distribution across the separation plate.
  • Easy Operation: Simple control panel with clear buttons for efficient use.


  • Separating cracked or damaged touchscreens from phone frames.
  • Removing back covers for internal repairs.
  • General phone disassembly tasks requiring controlled heat and separation.


Voltage options (110V or 220V) might be available, so check for compatibility with your region's electrical system.

While the product information doesn't explicitly mention it, the FW-108N likely includes a silicone mat for better gripping during separation.

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