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HAIRUI 969DP: Automatic LCD Screen Separator Machine

HAIRUI 969DP: Automatic LCD Screen Separator Machine

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The HAIRUI 969DP is an automatic LCD screen separator designed for efficient and effortless phone screen separation. This machine streamlines the repair process compared to manual separators, offering increased precision and control.


Key Features:

  • Automatic Operation: Simplifies the separation process with minimal manual intervention. (Likely involves placing the phone on the platform and initiating the separation cycle).
  • Built-in Vacuum Pump: Provides strong and consistent suction for effective screen removal.
  • Temperature Control System: Enables precise temperature settings for various phone models and repairs.
  • Heating Plate Size (likely to be around 10-12 inches): Accommodates most popular smartphone screens.
  • LCD Holding Jig (Optional): Provides secure positioning for different sized phones during separation (availability depends on specific model configuration.


  1. Separating cracked or damaged touchscreens from phone frames.
  2. Removing back covers for internal repairs on phones and other electronic devices.
  3. Any repair task requiring controlled heat and precise separation 
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